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Screen Printing

Discharge Print

Discharge printing, also known as Extract Printing, is a technique for adding a design to coloured fabric that involves printing a white or light pattern on a darker background and then bleaching it away with a color-destroying agent like hydrosulfite or chlorine

Cold water reactive textile dyes are called Procion dyes. Instead of using heat, chemicals are used to fix them. They are ideal for various dyeing techniques as tie-dyeing, batik, shibori, ice dyeing, bucket dyeing, low water immersion dyeing, printing, and direct painting.

Procion Print

Pigment Print

Pigments are colors that stay put and absorb into the fibers. They do not need to be applied in conjunction with a binder that forms films. Pigment kinds make up more than half of all printing colors. It serves as a direct printing substitute. This technique does not require the steaming procedure because polymerization has taken its place (generally carried out simultaneously with drying.

Few Screen Printing Samples

Elephant Screen Print Cotton Fabric
Pure Cotton Screen Print Fabric
Animal Discharge Screen Print
Pure Cotton Screen Print Fabric
Mughal Floral Discharge Cotton Screen Print
Rajasthani Screen Print Cotton Fabric

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Hand Block Printing

Soul And Rapid Hand Block Print

Block printing is a traditional method of textile printing that uses wooden blocks to imprint designs or patterns on fabric. This approach is widely employed throughout Asia, notably in China and India. In order to construct a wooden block that can be smeared with ink and used to imprint cloth, the block design must first be created. This entails sketching out a distinctive pattern and then carving it out of the wood.

Few Hand Block Printing Samples

Booti Cotton Hand Block Print
Cotton Floral Hand Block Print
Booti Cotton Hand Block Print Fabric
Hand Block Booti Cotton Print Fabric
Booti Hand Block Cotton Print Fabric
INDIGO Floral and Leaves Print

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With us, you can begin with a sampling order before upgrading it to a production order. Call/WhatsApp +91-9352894583 to speak with our textile expert and get all your questions answered.

Do you develop designs as well?

YES. As per our customer’s needs, we do develop designs that they wish us to print. After that, we sample print and send it to customers for their approval to move further.

What is the usual printing lead time?

Depending on the printing process, our lead time for made-to-order fabrics varies.

Screen Printing: 40 days

Block Printing: 40 days

Depending on the volume, visual complexity, and customer approvals of the design, the lead time for customized print development fluctuates.

Is international shipping available?

YES, we ship internationally using express shipping services like DHL and FedEx. According to their needs, we give our customers a choice of shipping method and carrier.

What is the average shipping time?

Depending on the shipping method chosen, it typically takes 3-5 working days for a package to reach India once it leaves the warehouse, and 7–14 working days to reach other countries.